Debunking Myths: Drinking more water doesn't improve eczema

Every so often different theories on improving or even curing your eczema crop up and one that I want to talk about today is whether drinking lots of water can help improve your eczema.

Unfortunately the answer is no.

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If you have sensitive eczema prone skin you already know that you need to be extra careful with which soaps and mositurising creams that you use on your skin, but what about lip balms? Like most other products you use on your body, you need to take care that your lip balm doesn’t contain dye’s [...]


As you probably know, during pregnancy your hormones go a bit haywire and some women develop different symptoms or conditions that they otherwise normally wouldn’t have, so what happens if you develop eczema during pregnancy – will you have it forever after, or will it go away after the baby is born? The good news [...]

If you have Seborrheic Eczema then you’ve probably tried many different types of treatments, and while some of them may have worked short term nothing that you’ve used has really helped get rid of it completely. Well the bad news is that not a lot will work effectively and many sufferers have mixed results from [...]

If your baby has a red rash or red marks on her face, then you might be thinking that it is eczema and how you can treat it. Eczema which is also called atopic dermatitis can show up on your baby’s face, particular on the cheeks, forehead or scalp, but can also appear on other [...]

Skin conditions affect babies just as much as adults, and if your child is showing a rash on their body you might be wondering what it is and whether it is eczema or psoriasis. Psoriasis is actually not that common in babies as it more appears in the teen to young adult stages of life [...]


Eczema is a horrible condition for anyone who suffers it, but it’s even more heartbreaking when it appears on your face since it is such a prominent place. So if you or someone that is close to you suffers from eczema on their face I’ll go over some of the ways that you can get [...]

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